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From: Joseph Farrin
Subject: Cock ParadiseI was 15 and had just completed my first year in high school when my dad was
transferred (he worked for the government). I was really unhappy about
leaving all my friends from grade school on up. I'd probably never see
them again.The new house was OK, preteen pubic hair but the town was the pits. My mom and I bbs sweet preteen
both hated it
with a passion. The neighbors were friendly, though, and the woman across
the street came over before the first week was over and introduced her self
and her 21-year-old son. Her name was Peggy and the son was Michael.Because school was out I didn't meet any kids my age but Michael was always
doing yard work or puttering around in the detached garage, that was like 20
feet back from the road. He always waved and it developed that I went over
there preteen bikini gallerys quite a bit to hang out with him. I liked him and he seemed to like
me, too.One day my mom and I were getting in the car and Michael runs across the
street. "Going down the hill (which meant 17 miles to the nearest large
town)""Yes, I have some errands to run,""I was going too, would you like to save a trip, I could take Joey with me
if he could do the errands.""That would be great. I've got a lot of ways to better use the time."Michael was wearing faded, denim shorts and it was obvious to anyone
interested in looking that he had a big cock hanging down his left leg. I
was interested. I had denim shorts on too, but they weren't that skimpy.About half way there, which was downhill almost the whole way as we lived in
the mountains, Michael pulls off the road onto a paved area. There was a
red pickup parked there with a guy using his cell phone."Why did you stop here Michael?""Oh every now and then you run across someone interesting." He didn't
explain the remark and I didn't ask, although I had an idea of what he
meant. Two curves later, on the other side of the road, he pulls off again,
grabbed his cigarettes from the glove compartment and said he wanted to use
the portable toilet back down the path about a 150 feet from the road. He
asked me to go with him and I was glad he did.There were two toilets and a couple of wooden, picnic tables with benches,
all in the shade of large trees.He gave me a cigarette, and we sat smoking them, he sat on the end of a
bench at one table and I sat on a bench at the other table. We were about 4
feet apart and facing each other. He seemed nervous. He kept jiggling one
leg up and down and then I noticed that his cock was sticking out one leg of
his cutoffs.When he'd finished smoking, he stood up, took his T-shirt off and stuffed
one end of it in his back pocket. I about died. He was tattooed around both
of his nipples and I mean huge tattoos. I kept staring at his well-developed
chest but couldn't figure out the tattoos and decided they were, for the
most part, an abstract design carefully leaving a good sized, round, blank
space of skin around naturalists pre teen
each nipple. Then in the middle of his chest, below
the tattoos, was lettering that read vertically - B I G plus a C around his
navel. That was all I could make out, as that was all that was readable
above his shorts. From his broad shoulders his body tapered to a small
waist and tight, little buns as well as his apparently enormous cock. He had
long hair, brown, parted almost in the middle and combed straight down on
both sides. Frankly, his hair looked like it needed shampooing. I guess
his blue eyes were his most compelling feature, but I also liked his long,
narrow nose, his well-formed lips that were like an oversized edition of a
woman's lips; his Adam's apple and, above all, his cleft chin."We can go into the john together. I just have to sit a while, it's
probably a false alarm, but you can use the urinal at the same time. (Guess
you guys are familiar with these toilets. The urinal is a plastic trough on
one wall preteen model dvds and the whole space is so small I was practically standing on
Michael's toes.)I didn't even have my cock out of my pants, when Michael had dropped his
cutoffs to the floor and tossed his T-shirt to the side of the seat.It was me who had the false alarm; I couldn't make a stream if I had to.
For one reason I had a hard-on and the other reason was Michael had an
8-inch, fat, smooth cock with a cockhead to fit. It turned up at the back
and had a distinctive, sharp rim. The whole thing was hanging down from the
edge of the toilet seat. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. His body was
hairless except for a small pubic patch above his cock. Things became more
hopeless for me when he started slowly jacking his meat. I didn't even
notice that the vertical lettering now read,
B I G C O C K."Joey, I teeny orgasm preteen not scaring you, am I?""No, no way man. I hope you don't mind my staring at it. It's the biggest
cock I've ever seen.""You ever sucked a cock?""Yea, back where I lived, but never anything like you've got."He grabs his shorts and buttons them up, but didn't bother with his zipper.
He stuffed his T-shirt in his back"Let's get out of here. There were no other cars parked russian little preteen
when we stopped
here, but a lot of bikers use one of the paths." We stepped around some
large rocks and took the path that veered to the right. He said it didn't
lead much of anywhere after it curved more right. We stripped naked and he
told me to preteen pubic hair sit on a chair height, rock ledge. He gave his cock a couple of
strokes, and said "It's all yours baby. Work your magic on it."With it right in my face, I noticed one detail I'd missed. It curved ever
so slightly to his left.Maybe I shouldn't have told him I'd sucked cock before. Maybe he'd expect
more than I could deliver. For damn sure I'd never sucked a cock like his
before. I sure hoped enthusiasm would cover up for my lack of talent. But
as I got started I enjoyed it so much that I was doing pretty well, even
though it was my first time on a big one. After a while it seemed to get
even a little bigger and harder. He grabbed both sides of my head with his
hand and held on as his cock juiced poured out into my mouth. I had no
option but to swallow.I loved his cock juice, and with a thumb and one finger I milked his cock
for the last drop. I was amazed that his small balls had shot so much
juice."You did really well for your first time on a big cock. Sorry I made you
swallow but I know I've got a big one and cocksuckers like it, so I figure
it's only fair that they swallow. I just don't like to see my seed go to
waste."I looked up into his eyes and said, "Thanks.""Michael, have you ever fucked a girl with that thing?""No and I don't plan on it, soon. In fact I'm strictly oral. I'll suck you
next time. But I do need service quite often, 2 or 3 times a week. Are you
willing?""Oh yea. I'd love it.""Well, let me tell you this. You'd have never gotten this far but I figured
you liked me and I like you, too. So, I don't want you sucking anyone else.
I'm clean. I know you are, too; and that's the way I want to keep it.
OK?"Sure."He sat down beside me; we each smoked another cigarette before we put our
clothes back on. Before he lit them with his lighter, he reached over and
kissed me open mouthed and stuck his tongue into my mouth.After both of us had completed our sveta preteen nude errands, left town and started back up
the hill, he took his cock out. It took me a minute to notice what he'd
done, but it was hard as hell."Joey, I know you can't suck it, seatbelts, steering wheel, and all, but
would you play with it?"When we sailed right past where we'd stopped before I was so disappointed I
can't tell you until he pulled into the area where the red pickup had been
parked on the way downhill. Michael pulled right up to the corner of the
area and told me to get out.A few feet down a path, Michael grabbed me pulled me over behind a thick
bush, kissed me really hard and groped my crotch. I realized from the stop
on the way down that Michael liked to be in control and I could easily
accept that. I wanted him very badly and could accept any conditions to
getting him.Consequently, I dropped to my knees, unbuttoned and pulled his denims down
and exposed his big and beautiful manhood for our mutual pleasure.If I could accept any and every condition from him, he could damn well
accept one or two mary clare preteen from me. I knew he was hot to get off again, but I
decided to delay his climax for my own pleasure. I took things very slowly
and enjoyed every second of it. He was going crazy with an urgent need preteen lesbians photo for
sexual release, but he'd just have to wait until I was ready. I had never
imagined sucking a cock could be so wildly exciting and at the same time,
such a warm, gentle, intimate thing and I was enjoying my new discovery
immensely. I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his expression
told me he was enjoying it as much as I was.Finally, illeagle preteen nudes I realized I'd gone far enough and got into serious cocksucking and
for the second time in a short period he climaxed and I tasted the sweetness
of his balls. It wasn't until I stood up that I realized I had knelt down
on a sharp pointed stone and my knee was all bloody. I knew what had
happened but Michael was out of his mind. I've never seen a more concerned
person. He apologized over and over and even preteens nudes pics
wanted to mm preteen models
carry me to the car."Michael, I don't want to be carried. Just let me take it slow and I'll preteen cunt models be
OK."He ran around, opened the trunk and came back with an unopened bottle of
water, wet a Kleenex with it and cleaned me up. Then he gave me a wad of
wet Kleenex to hold on it."Joey, do you have a cell phone""Yea.""Reach in the glove compartment and find a small preteenporn illegal note pad and a pencil."We exchanged numbers and he told me preteen cum videos to call him at 9:30 so my mom wouldn't
hear my cell phone cutest preteen feet
ring."Joey, this is just so you'll know. The cocksuck you gave me on the way
down the hill was indescribable but I sort of dismissed it because it had
been a year since I'd been sucked on. But, what you did on the way back was
something preteen nn mopdels
else. I've got to tell you something. Promise not to get upset.""I promise.""I love you.""I'd guessed that, russian lelia preteen and I love you, too, Michael.""Are you sure that's it's me, not just my cock?""What's the difference? It's your cock. You're one and the same. I
looked up and into your face on the way back when I was sucking you. That's
when I knew you loved me and I loved you. Am I making sense?""Yes, more than I'm making. You've made me hotter than I've ever been in my
life.""I'm glad. Can we do it tomorrow?""Sure, when and where?""In the garage at 10 o'clock.""I'll bike down to the little store on Main and stop on my way back. Save
it for me.""Baby that's something you will never need to say again. It's all yours
now.""Michael, can I ask you one more thing before we hang up?""Anything.""How come your parents let you get those tats?""They didn't, they don't know, that's why I always wear colored T-shirts
with my shorts. The day they find out the shit is really going to hit the
fan.I went to bed and jacked off.As soon as I'd ridden my bike into the garage, with 2 cans of Coke in my
pockets, he closed the drive in door and locked both it and the walk in
door."My mom's at work, and I don't see your car on the driveway is you mom gone?"Yes she had to go down the hill to a hair salon and to buy groceries.
She'll be gone for sveta preteen nude hours."We undressed each other and he stood, by accident, I'm sure, where the
sunlight streaming though the one small, dirty window landed directly on his
genitals. The only thing I cold think of was that I wanted to kneel down
and worship his beautiful manhood.I don't know how long had passed but Michael was the first to speak."Joey, I know what you're doing but please suck it. It's so hard."I knew it was his time to dictate the rules; I no longer hated the town. In
this dark garage, with a strong and virile, young man's cock, illuminated by
a shaft of light, this cock, miraculously virgin in that it had never been
in a vagina and miraculous in it's size, I took into my mouth.I brought him, for the third time, to climax and as the sweetness of his
balls flowed into my mouth, I knew I was in Cock Paradise.He then kneeled and quickly brought me to climax."Joey, lets call this the prelim, being we've got some time alone. Lets go
to my room, get into bed and make some serious love to each other.""Could we make it my room? preteen lesbians photo God what a memory that would be.""There was sure a difference between making love in bed and just giving a
quickie blowjob in a public place or a garage.Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it.Joseph(P S - I became so obsessed with preteen pussy bikini
Michael, I stopped writing on other
stories. I shouldn't have done that. I intended this as a one-chapter
story. But, and I'm not begging, if enough of you want me to continue,
you'll have to e-mail me.Michael and I did russian preteen modals
get into 69ing, jacking each other off, which was exciting
because sucking him, I'd never actually see his cock when it shot a load)
and in late August, he fucked me. A first for both of us.)
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